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Ish Neko

30 Day Character Meme - Day 4

Day 4.

4.) How vain is your character? Do they find themselves attractive?

Other than constantly having to flip his hair over his right eye to keep his scars and the empty eye socket hidden, Kai doesn’t actually care about his looks. He does make it a habit to keep the three tufts of hair on the back of his head standing up, though.

Kai just feels very indifferent about whether he is attractive or not, though his girlfriend Kamei always calls him “handsome.”

30 Day Character Meme - Day 3

Day 3 of Kai, gaiz :3

3.) Name one scar your character has, and tell us where it came from. If they don’t have any, is there a reason?

I think I ruined this with Day 2 XD

Kai has three jagged scars over his missing right eye, that extend from just above his right eyebrow to the middle of his right cheek. The arrangement of the scars look like dog claw lacerations.

The reason for his scars in this arrangement come from his past life, where as a white wolf demon, Kai ended up fighting with his wicked older brother, Rizi, and lost the use of his right eye in the fight when Rizi clawed his face.

But Kai still doesn’t know that in his story…shhhshshshsshhshshh~

30 Day Character Meme - Day 1

Starting September with a new character, gaiz ^^ introducing one of my oldest characters (in terms of creation), Kai Takashi.

1.) Describe your character’s relationship with their mother or their father, or both. Was it good? Bad? Were they spoiled rotten, ignored? Do they still get along now, or no?

Kai’s relationship with his parents was never great, especially with his father, who was an alcoholic. As for his mother, she was out working late at night, juggling two jobs at local KMart store and at a local McDonalds, so Kai never saw her much unless he stayed up late at night or she was somehow able to come home early. Even then, Kai’s father always used up most of his mother’s money for booze, leaving only enough for Kai and his mother to barely last through the week.

30 Day Character Meme - Day 30

Here’s the last day for the meme with Kiyo - I love him very much, and this meme is something I’ll continue doing with my other characters.

30.) And finally: Write a letter to your character, from yourself.

Dear Kiyo,

It’s been thirty days since I started this meme, and wow, have I seen you grow as a character. I may just have enough information to maybe kick start your story and share it with the world so that others may get to know you, and enjoy reading your story.

You may just be an idea in my head, but know that you’re as real to me as I can make you seem to be - I’m trying my best to make you a very believable character (save for your ability to transform into a wolf and back, that is), someone who readers can relate to in more than one way.

May your adventures in the Appalachian Mountains be filled with excitement.

Your creator,


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

For those who wanna try this meme for themselves, put your email in my Ask and I’ll share the Google Doc with you. I can’t find the original post for this meme, unfortunately :( but I did save it in my Google Drive for future use c:

30 Day Character Meme - Day 29

Still missing days, but that’ll change with my next character next month :3

29.) How does your character smell? Do they wear perfume or cologne?

Weird question. Hmm.

Kiyo basically smells like a cross between wild dog and sweaty human - though he does wear scentless deodorant, because the scents in deodorants irritate his nose. In wet weather, he’ll usually smell like a wet dog for a few hours if he goes out in his wolf form and transforms back into his human form.

30 Day Character Meme - Day 28

Day 28, which I missed. I’m still posting these last few days, for those paying attention to this =u=

28.) If your character’s life was a genre, what would it be?

I’m gonna be straight-forward with this, since it’s already late at night, and this post is two days late =n=

Kiyo’s life would be action-adventure.

30 Day Character Meme - Day 27

Happy belated 19 months to @im-your-asian and @stanceberto27, From @im-your-asian’s brother, neko-taks.

And this one is late since I haven’t been able to continue the meme due to school work =n= but I’m finishing it up today =u=

27.) Pick two songs that describe your character at two different points of their life, and explain why you chose them.

This one may be a little tough…

Listened through my entire music library just to see what songs would fit in with Kiyo in terms of this meme, and only one came to mind, honestly - “Blue” by Gemini (yesh, I am a dubstep fan). I do only have a small library of 195 songs…

"Blue" comes to mind for two reasons - the first being the title. Kiyo’s mother’s name, Aoi, translates to "blue" in Japanese. The second has to do with the lyrics. The verses of the song, if taken literally, describe what happened to Kiyo when he lost his mother. The first verse has to do when he was a young child, chasing after his mother when she suddenly ran away for an unknown reason. The second verse I can;t really tell. The third verse, though,  has to do with Kiyo in the present day, since he now lives under the assumption that his mother now died but is watching over him. He looks up to his mother for guidance in times his father can’t offer any.

30 Day Character Meme - Day 26

This one is early ‘coz I won’t be able to go onto my laptop tonight =n=

26.) Second day of favorites! Favorite comfort food, favorite vice, favorite outfit, favorite hot drink, favorite time of year, and favorite holiday.

Another favorites :3

  • Kiyo’s favorite comfort food is ice cream. Give him chocolate ice cream and he’ll be at ease for a long time.
  • Kiyo likes griefing campers in the forest, especially ones who are obnoxious or disrespectful to the forest life around them.
  • Kiyo’s favorite and most common outfit consists of his favorite graphic tee, cargo pants, and boots, or sneakers if the weather is warmer outside.
  • Kiyo’s favorite hot drink is hot chocolate with whipped cream and caramel =u=
  • Kiyo likes the winter time, especially since he can stay in his wolf form a lot longer, just to stay warm.
  • Considering the previous bullet point, Kiyo’s favorite holiday is Christmas.

30 Day Character Meme - Day 25

Five more days X3

25.) Describe your character’s hands. Are they small, long, calloused, smooth, stubby?

I have never given thought as to the appearance of my characters’ hands…

Kiyo has average-sized hands, with slender fingers. He has a few small callouses on his hands from climbing rocks on his nightly hikes, and a scar that extends from the base of his thumb to the middle of the underside of his forearm, which he got when he fought with a small black bear while in his wolf form (scars still remain even when transforming from wolf form to human form, and vice versa).

30 Day Character Meme - Day 24


24.) What might your character’s ideal romantic partner be?

Kiyo’s ideal partner would most likely be a girl who loves to be free, and loves the outdoors. She would be someone who is naturally fun and spontaneous, but also knows when to compose herself and be professional at the right moments. She would also be someone who would cuddle up to Kiyo at the end of the day, with him holding her in his arms, as they lie in the grass under the starry, moonlit sky.

Basically, not Yuma.

Tsundere comes to mind when describing Yuma.

So Yuma, who has a crush on Kiyo, wouldn’t be Kiyo’s ideal partner…

30 Day Character Meme - Day 22

Day 22 everybody. Or at least everyone who actually looks at this…

22.) If your character could time travel, where would they go?

Kiyo would actually travel back in time to when his mother disappeared.

Growing up, Kiyo always wondered what happened to his mother, Aoi. He didn’t know what happened to her, and the question of where she was was always on Kiyo’s mind. Traveling back in time to see what happened to her is something Kiyo wants to know.

30 Day Character Meme - Day 21

Hmm…today’s question is interesting…had to research this a bit before getting into this one.

21.) What would your character’s cutie mark be?

This question is interesting, since I’ve never thought of giving Kiyo some kind of mark to symbolize himself.

But now that I think of it…Kiyo’s cutie mark would be a silver crescent moon with two white sparks and an electric blue spark below it.

Kiyo formed a habit of going outside at night to the top of a hill about a mile away from his house, hiking up to the top of the hill while in his wolf form. He does this especially when the night is clear and the moon is bright and full, but does it on a daily basis because it has become a habit for him.

When he has gathered excess energy (due to him doing things that require drawing energy away from nature), he goes out at night and looks up to the moon, offering up to it his extra energy. It often comes out of his body as twinkling white sparks, but on occassion, they are electric blue.

The white sparks are simply excess energy from his surroundings, but the blue sparks are energy given to him by his mother when he needs it most - but he doesn’t know it’s from his mother…shh…

30 Day Character Meme - Day 20

Day 20. Ten more days :3

20.) Does your character have any irrational fears?

Kiyo’s most recent fear stemmed from when he, Jake, Cross, and Yuma watched Tanner play the original Slender game. Because Jake was wondering what happened if the Slenderman caught the player, Tanner got caught on purpose, and scared Jake and Kiyo.

Tanner, Yuma, and Cross, however, didn’t even flinch. 

Other than his fear of the Slenderman (but not dark forests, since he’s just too used to them to be scared of them…and because he lives in the forest), Kiyo also fears large spiders, needles, and turning into his Lycan form.

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